Artist Series: Brave Brynn Studios

June 7, 2019

Working in weddings, you tend to work with a lot of other artists! Planners, Bakers, Florists, Calligraphers, DJ’s, Hair and Makeup Artists…

We would like to feature some of them in our new Artist Series! Vendors which we believe show an elite work ethic, display amazing art, and have beautiful personalities.

Our next Artist in this series? Everyone put your hands together for:

Brynn, the owner of Brave Brynn Studios!


We asked Brynn a few questions:

Tell me about yourself and your art!

I am professionally trained graphic designer and am a self-taught fine-artist. I love blending the organic quality of handcrafted illustrations and lettering with the strikingly clean feel digital platforms offer, along with their limitless flexibility. Additionally, I’m a story-crafter. I love people and their stories, and brands that are clear on their vision and built with authentic rawness.






What is something fun about yourself that people may not know?

I am a certified yoga instructor, tarot reader, and believer in magic, and big astrology nerd. I am incredibly passionate about wellness, holistic health, and healing modalities, so a lot of my time is split between studying design and learning more about holistic health, wellness, and healing.





What do you aim to say with your work?

I am named by design studio boutique, Brave Brynn Studio. “Be brave” is my daily mantra: it reflects my story while also expressing who I want to be everyday in my life. My goal is cultivate space for my clients, through my work, so that they can show up authentically and own their personal and brand stories with power and strength. And love stories are always the bravest, most beautiful of all.



Who or what are your biggest influences?

My dad, who’s an incredibly talented architect, is probably the greatest influence. He was very supportive of allowing me to explore myself creatively and I grew up touring model homes, learning about color, form, shape, and space from an early age; my love of letters; and the work of Saul Bass, which still takes my breath away. Other than that whatever book I’m currently reading or podcast I can’t stop listening to.



What is your background in your trade?

I have degrees in English, Creative Writing and Graphic Design. Professionally, I’ve worked for Woodley Architectural Group for 10 years, while taking on as many freelance clients as possible.




How have you developed your career over the years?

My career started primarily focussed on print and publication design, but over the last two years, I’ve been experimenting with more my of my own lettering, revisiting illustration, and taking more online classes to grow as a designer. Ultimately to offer my clients a more customized experience and versatile product, both in print and in digital formats.


Which current art trends are you following?

Strong graphic illustrations comprised primarily of shapes and bold colors, organic script calligraphy, metallic details, whimsical hand drawn type, natural materials, handmade papers, and anything letterpressed.


What is your favorite thing about what you do?

I get to explore the things I loved as a little girl and bring them out into the world professionally. I wake up everyday with something new to learn. I mean…how cool is that?

Any advice for future couples about planning for their wedding?

It’s such a wonderful, exciting, and whirlwind time. Remember to enjoy the moment and trust that all the details will come together.

Where can people find you online?

I can be found on Instagram as @bravebrynnstudio and @bravenewbrynn (coming out as my personal blog, wellness offerings later this year). My website is and is currently under construction. I can also be reached by email at



Thank you so much to Brynn for joining us in the studio and telling her story! Everyone, check her out if you have any stationary or calligraphy needs!

Also, if you are an artist and want to be featured, reach out to us through our website at Cheers!

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